ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorder which affects both children and adults alike. It is characterized by a number of behavioral symptoms that include hyperactivity, inattentiveness, restlessness, and impulsiveness.

Those who suffer from ADHD are well aware of the challenges that this condition poses. Short attention spans and trouble focusing can hinder the completion of many seemingly simple and ordinary tasks.
Nevertheless, as a result of ADHD, many individuals have certain extremely useful and beneficial qualities, which, if harnessed and applied correctly, can become incredible assets. So much so that they may even be considered superpowers!


Superpower Qualities
The most important step in harnessing and realizing your true potential, in spite of your ADHD, is to change the way you view your ADHD symptoms. The qualities that you may believe are your weaknesses need to be seen as your biggest strengths. That’s not to say that these qualities are a mere state of mind; they pose real and in some cases, very debilitating problems for those with ADHD.

However, with some effort and dedicated work, you can begin using these traits to your advantage. When used correctly, these qualities can help you become very successful and realize your dreams.

Hyper focus
Although ADHD is characterized by an inability to pay attention for large stretches of time, people with ADHD are prone to periods of hyper focus. During these periods, an individual becomes so transfixed and absorbed with what they are doing, that it’s as if everything around them ceases to exist.

Some individuals have claimed that they seem to lose track of time, and are able to block out everything around them in order to focus on what they are doing and get it done.

These periods of hyper focus can lead to extreme productivity. Furthermore, by making an effort to seek out these periods and stay in them longer, an individual may be able to consciously bring about a hyper focused state.

Boundless energy
An individual with ADHD has a tremendous amount of energy. Granted, if they are confined in an activity or location which doesn’t interest them, this pent up energy can lead to restlessness.

However, if that energy is channeled into a purpose or activity that the individual is personally invested in and enjoys, much can be accomplished.

Risk taking
Impulsiveness is another behavioral characteristic common in people with ADHD. With a little refinement, this trait can be used to your advantage.

Impulsivity in its traditional sense implies that a decision or action is taken with little or no forethought, and with little regard for the consequences. It indicates a certain fearlessness; an ability to act without reservations.

This trait can help individuals take risks. Many people are often too cautious and afraid to take any risks. An individual with ADHD will not suffer from these constraints. They will, however, have to make an effort to spare some thought to the consequences of their actions if this trait is to be used successfully.

Increased creativity
Individuals with ADHD are extremely creative. Their heads are brimming and bursting with ideas. This ability enables them to generate new ways of doing things, be innovative in finding solutions and creating new things, etc.
Those ‘scattered thoughts’ that are always filling your head can be tapped into in order to realize the extent of your true creative potential.

Increased sensitivity
ADHD is a condition which also results in high levels of emotional intelligence. Individuals are not only sensitive to the people around them, but also to environmental cues, making them vigilant and hyperaware.

Sensitive individuals make better leaders. They show a genuine concern for the people they work with, and understand the importance of building positive relationships and working environments. This is an excellent quality to have as an aspiring leader.

Solution provider
The ADHD brain also has another exceptional trait – ability to solve problems. When faced with a problem or dilemma of any sort, individuals with ADHD seem to reign themselves in so that they can solve the problem. This typically sets off a period of hyper focus, and solutions are found quicker.

Excellent multitasking capabilities
Due to the fact that an individual with ADHD is often restless, they crave stimulation. This desire enables them to multitask much more effectively than most people.

A short attention span enables them to take part in, and complete, numerous tasks very effectively, without diminishing their effectiveness. An abundance of things to do stimulates their brains and allows them to work in a way which is natural to them.

Resilience is a very common trait in people with ADHD. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that their brains are almost hardwired to find solutions to the problems that they face. This enables them to ‘stick to their guns’ and find ways to make things work.

As with a great many things in life, a little perspective goes a long way. Having ADHD is by no means a walk in the park. Individuals with this condition suffer a great deal while trying to grapple with their seemingly atypical behavioral characteristics.

Part of effectively managing ADHD is realizing that these specific behavioral characteristics can also have their advantages. In order for them to be effectively utilized, individuals will first have to begin seeing them as assets, and then subsequently working on them to refine their own specific set of skills.

High profile and successful individuals with ADHD such as business giant Richard Branson and Olympian Michael Phelps have attributed much of their success to their ADHD. Once you find what sparks your passion, you can learn to channel your ADHD to your advantage, much like a superhero.