As a parent or teacher of a special needs student, you’re probably aware of the challenges that these children have to deal with on a daily basis. Learning can be difficult because special needs students, depending on their learning impediment or disability, process information differently than their peers. In order to ensure that these students learn effectively, here are ten different resources that parents and teachers can consult.

1. Understood – For Learning & Attention Related Issues

Understood is a website designed to help support parents when it comes to helping their special needs children. Founded by 15 non-profit organizations, Understood is a community which is made up of experts from many fields who are concerned with maximizing the potential of students with learning difficulties and disabilities. Here, parents can find a wealth of information and helpful resources, all of which is the result of extensive research.

2. LD Online – The Educators Guide to Learning Disabilities and ADHD

LD Online, which is a national educational service of WETA-TV, the PBS station in Washington, is a website which is filled with useful and up-to-date information about how to help children with learning impediments reach their full and true potential.

Parents, educators, and individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities can find the following resources on LD Online:

  • Many informative and helpful articles on the latest information and advice regarding ADHD and learning disabilities
  • Monthly articles written by noteworthy experts in the field
  • Interactive and engaging multimedia
  • A community forum, filled with hundreds of active users
  • A Yellow Pages referral directory of professionals, schools, and products
  • Artwork, writings, and essays by children with learning disabilities and ADHD

3. LDA America – Learning Disabilities Association of America

Established by a group of resourceful parents and professionals, LDA is a national organization which has been at the forefront of making positive changes for individuals with learning disabilities. According to LDA, they visualize a world in which:

  • Learning disabilities can be properly understood, and as a result, be properly addressed
  • Those individuals with learning disabilities can become empowered to not only integrate into society, but also thrive and do well for themselves
  • The number of learning disabilities recorded is drastically reduced

As a parent or educator, you can benefit from top quality research, initiatives, tips, and resources by accessing the LDA website.

4. Do2Learn – A Resource for Individuals with Special Needs

Do2Learn is a resource which began through a National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovative Research grant. With the help of teachers and clinicians from across the globe, Do2Learn, with an advanced team of technical experts, creates effective learning resources for teachers, professionals, and parents. By using cutting edge technology and up-to-date expert advice and findings, Do2Learn provides its users with innovative and effective solutions for teaching students with learning disabilities. The website contains free communication and picture cards, classroom resources, behavior management plans, a Teacher Toolbox, and much more.

5. Bonnie Terry Learning

Among others, Bonnie Terry Learning features ‘Awaken the Scholar Within Premium Program’ which provides essential and effective cognitive training to help improve reading, writing, math, spelling, and learning skills. What differentiates this program from others is that it makes learning easier and more enjoyable by making use of concise, step-by-step methods, which affect neuroplasticity and go to the root causes of learning disabilities. No two people learn the same and therefore the Bonnie Terry programs begin with an assessment, which is carried out so that a unique learning plan is devised for each individual.

6. – Where Children Learn to Focus Through Handwriting is a learning resource, which is designed to help children with learning disabilities gain focus and impulse control. These traits are absolutely essential for special needs students to do well in school. To foster and develop these skills, has created a multi-sensory handwriting program, called Retrain the Brain, which is easy to understand and use. The program makes use of different handwriting exercises in conjunction with therapeutic music to help children build the skills necessary in order to do well in school.

7. HandyHandouts – Free Educational Handouts for SLPs, Teachers, and Parents

HandyHandouts is an online hub for free educational handouts on a variety of different topics. These handouts are written by experts including occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, special needs and general teachers, and special educators. Teachers and parents are at liberty to download, print, and use or distribute these resources in any way that they like. The only important thing to note is that no HandyHandouts resource can be altered in any way, to avoid any copyright issues. Each handout contains useful tips and suggestions, up-to-date research, additional topic knowledge, and a list of suggested comprehension questions.

8. My Free Flashcards

Students with learning impediments or disabilities learn differently than their peers. One of the most effective ways to learn different concepts is with the use of flash cards. Flash cards act as visual stimuli which allow students to learn and break information into digestible chunks. At My Free Flashcards, teachers, educators, and parents can find flashcards on a variety of different topics including math, science, social studies, art, language arts, fundamental skills, music and life skills.

9. – The Place for Kids with Special Needs is an online resource which is designed to provide teachers, parents, caregivers, and children with learning disabilities with comprehensive resources and information to help them. This detailed website contains a wide array of resources, including everything from learning aids and tools, professional opinions on a variety of important topics, the latest information on public health policy initiatives, and more. provides a wealth of information to families and teachers for children with special needs and makes it easier for them to find the information which will be most beneficial for them.

10. Super Duper Publications – Fun Learning Materials for Kids!

Super Duper Publications was founded in 1986 by Sharon and Thomas Webber. What started out with two products has evolved into a treasure trove of resources for children with special educational needs. Here, parents, speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs), school teachers, general education providers, special educators (SEs), and parents can find a wealth of information on a number of different topics. These resources are designed to improve many critical skills including reading, writing, listening, paying attention, effectively communicating, and social interaction.

These resources cover nearly every aspect of information you would need on dealing with special needs children, their challenges with learning, reading and writing, their nonverbal learning disabilities at school and the kind of special education transition that can really help them fit well into a dyslexic school.